Re: Amel Euros 41 1976 - Steering Wheel Removal Confusion

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>

Hello Gerhard

Many thanks, I'll stick it on the list for now as the jobs are mounting! Since posting, my friend helped me strip the steering with pullers. There was a broken circlip and some seriously seized metalwork. A mix of hammer, heat and pullers, it moved things along. 

There is some play in the shaft vertically/horizontally, but what we thought would be a worn bearing was a plastic washer. Anyway nothing to worry about at this point. Maybe one day I'll revisit this and improve.

On a fantastic note, I had a lovely quick response from Amel today in less than 2 hrs copied below;

Dear Andrew
First of all congratulation for buying this Euros 41.
Most of us at Amel were not yet born in 1976 and needless to say that our so called « legendary  support » is highly challenged !
To sum up we do not stock anymore part for this model and you’ll find attached most of the littérature concerning the Euros.
We confirm that diesel tanks were not fitted with inspection hatch..

Renaut Marine Couach  and Volvo Penta MP21A (50 HP 3500 RPM) were the 2 engines models proposed at the time.
Should you require any more precision feel free to revert to us at any time.
Have a nice sailing,

With our kindest regards

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