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Eric, or anyone else - 
Do you know what the ID is for the hydraulic hose in order to use the field serviceable / re-usable fittings?  
There are quite a few different specs for hydraulic hose, but I assume it is the single steel wire reinforcement (SAE 100R1) spec.


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The fittings are meant to be reused. I just find them to be a pain, you also need a cap or an elbow, jic to do it.
Attached are instructions.
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Perhaps there is no need to have new fittings, since it is the hose that needs to be replaced at 5 year intervals, more or less.  Is it quite simple to re-use the old fittings on new hydraulic hose? 
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Good evening everyone.  
I have a Dessalator 160L/hr, and I'd like to order a spare set of high pressure hoses with fittings. 
Online, I am finding these to be quite expensive with stainless steel JIC fittings. 
Can anyone direct me to a good vendor for these (with fittings? )

You can contact me directly at jamescromie 'at' yahoo 'dot' com in order to avoid posting any commercial information (not sure if that is against the forum rules)... 

Many Thanks
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