tb/BRISBANE area marina & yard/AYOG


I am leaving around November 10 2019 from NOUMEA to AUSTRALIA; probably north of BRISBANE and south of BUNDABERG.


Can anybody recommend a safe & affordable marina where I can leave the boat for 8 weeks or so (Dec 12, 2019 thru Feb 12, 2020) and then have her, in the vicinity, hauled out for copper coat anti-fouling plus additional 2 yearly A54 maintenance. One of my previous AUSSIE crew, living in the area, is suggesting leaving her on anchor as it is free but I prefer a slip or on the hard while I am in USA.


Somebody here in NOUMEA suggested MOOLOOLABA QLD – I have no clue 😊


I am flying out of & back in (with a lot of luggage) BRISBANE so will need to have access to transportation to & from International Airport.


Any yards; trades people in the area familiar with AMEL?


Appreciate your help & suggestions.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128



October 24, 2019 20:23:20






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