Re: Fuel tank

David Wallace

Hi Tom, I'm just catching up with this thread so late to the game. We also had some leakage along the forward inward edge of the tank so removed it and had it rewelded like James did. As others have said, freeing the tank is pretty straightforward but then it’s very awkward to move because it’s heavy and top heavy. We used a strap arrangement like you see for a couple of people moving a refrigerator. I removed the companionway rail plus the top of the hatch (it’s lightly glued on, back out the screws then tap upward with a block of wood). Then I removed the bottom stop block and could drop the hatch below the level of the threshold to gain a couple more inches of clearance. To get the tank out of the salon we had to rotate it 180 vertically, so that the fuel fill pipe was still forward but down (don't ask how we figured that out). Once it was in the cockpit a mizzenmast halyard did the trick for lifting it out and over the side. One other thing is that when you install the new tank it’s easiest to get the fill hose in place by removing the deck fill fitting. Good luck!
Dave Wallace
s/v Air Ops
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