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Hi Lauren & Colin,


Deeply appreciate your Email and I am already sending an Email to Mandy at this (early) moment. ūüėä


I will be sending you an Email with several other questions in reference to my AUSTRALIA stay.


How did your new sails work out?


Best Regards Teun

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Hi Teun


We have just arrived back in Australia after completing our circumnavigation this week. Right now we are in Bundaberg for a few weeks but will return home to Brisbane soon around mid-November.


Please do not ever consider leaving your Amel on an anchor anywhere in Brisbane. That was not good advice at all.


In terms of Brisbane Marinas, we choose a small fairly unknown marina called Newport Marina to berth SV island Pearl II since it is safe, within walking distance from the train to the city and airport. It is a quiet residential type marina with old, but well-kept facilities, and has plenty of car parking right near the boat. It is not a lively place with shops and restaurants, but we like it quiet and it is surrounded by nice upmarket waterfront homes on a canal system. This in our view makes it the safest marina in Brisbane if a tropical storm should ever hit, which is almost impossible. 


Fortunately, the prices there also very reasonable since it is not well known that the entrance channel has recently been deepened, and this was also not shown on the Navionics charts. Most cruisers would not be aware that they could get in there, but it is now at least  2m at low tide LAT, so it is easy to get your Amel in there at most times other than just an hour or two either side of absolute low tides. You can contact the Manager "Mandy" on email: info@..., or call her on and ask her if she has any free spots on D Berth facing the main channel as Island Pearl II is normally there, and am happy to keep a good eye on any Amels who berth near Island Pearl II. Unfortunately, I think there was recently only one space available, so if interested then try to contact her soon and mention me in case that helps get you in. The marina is located at 158 Griffith Road, Newport, QLD 4020... Phone: 07 3203 5855 


The marina/boatyard called "Laurie's Marina" in Mooloolaba is also a reasonable option, and I am aware that they did lift an Amel 53 there a few years ago, and built a nice hardtop for it, and the owner was happy with all the work they did. 


The other marina to consider is Scarborough Marina (very near Newport Marina) which has a fully working boatyard, however, their travel lift is a bit small, so I personally would not lift even my Amel 53 there. Contact them on +61 7 3880 0300 - website


In terms of having Copper Coat work done I would firstly trust the "BOATWORKS" boatyard on the Gold Coast the most. That is where I always haul out Island Pearl II for normal antifouling paint and prop shaft / Bowthruster servicing, but I do the servicing myself and use them for the paint job. It is without any doubt the best boatyard we have come across anywhere in the world and has all the expertise and parts you could need right there. Prices are not bad too. You can contact them on admin@the or phone +61 7 55 000 000 and speak to the manager about who has the best copper coat application experience in his yard. If you have an Autoprop, there is the Australian Autoprop agent right there too who recently replaced my autoprop bearings there and did a great job.


Finally, Teuns, check with Boatworks about long term out of water storage for your Amel too. I have been away from Australia for 3 years now but recently heard that Boatworks now have this service too. That could be a good option for you too.


Best of luck with it and safe travels over to Australia


Colin & Lauren Streeter

Bundaberg Port Marina


Now that we have completed our circumnavigation, Island Pearl II is finally really for sale. Contact me direct via email for prices. She is Australian Duty and GST Paid and UK registered. 










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I am leaving around November 10 2019 from NOUMEA to AUSTRALIA; probably north of BRISBANE and south of BUNDABERG.


Can anybody recommend a safe & affordable marina where I can leave the boat for 8 weeks or so (Dec 12, 2019 thru Feb 12, 2020) and then have her, in the vicinity, hauled out for copper coat anti-fouling plus additional 2 yearly A54 maintenance. One of my previous AUSSIE crew, living in the area, is suggesting leaving her on anchor as it is free but I prefer a slip or on the hard while I am in USA.


Somebody here in NOUMEA suggested MOOLOOLABA QLD ‚Äď I have no clue ūüėä


I am flying out of & back in (with a lot of luggage) BRISBANE so will need to have access to transportation to & from International Airport.


Any yards; trades people in the area familiar with AMEL?


Appreciate your help & suggestions.


Best Regards Teun

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