Re: Bow thruster seals orientation

Jose Venegas


Yes they are intended to replace the hard lip seal. I installed them in the opposite order of your second picture but with the same orientation that you have them : Both lips facing the water.
I noted that the current seals came a little bit off in the dimensions of my first order and gluing the upper (wiper) seal to the lower (U) seal leaves a small gap in the surface of contact unless you glue them before mounting them and you place some weight on them while the permanent silicone glue is dry.
However, I think that if you mount them the way you show in the second picture there will not leave a gap and they should work OK. That is not what I did with my seals 3 years ago but I would be tempted to do it that way when, and if, I replace them with the new set.

In fact your order may result in an even better sealing action and better attachment between each other and to the fiberglass.

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