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I put your attention that :

* for the 3 seals it's not useful to replace there because it was
the ring in bronze that must be change every 800/1200 hours
(plastic is harder then bronze)


seagasm a écrit :

Hello John and Anne, we have managed to remove the bow thruster,
change the seals, replenished the oil and reinstalled the unit back
into the vessel without any difficulty. I have ordered two props from
Amel but the bearing kit is taking longer to get from the UK for the
Autoprop. We decided it was less expensive to put Tradewinds back into
the water and haul her up for half an hour to install the props.

The sizes of the seals required for the bow thruster are:
one 80 x 60 x 12
one 42 x 30 x 7

*Obviously, we took the opportunity and replaced the seals for the
main engine prop shaft as well. We installed three 65 x 45 x 8 seals
and have decided to replace these every time the vessel is out for an
anti foul.*

Thanks for your help John

Best Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM # 171

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Hello Barry and Robyn,
The propellor is made by Amel and the address for spares is sav@...
You have done very well to have only lost one blade as these
propellors are very easily lost to ground lines etc. We keep a couple
of spares on board because however careful one is they do get
lost.This is why they are secured with nylon screws.The replacement
comes with a new mounting ring and screws as they are all hand made
and there are slight variations. The cost is about au$250 each which
is why I dive to try and recover one when it is lost in a marina! Make
sure that you emphasise that they should be sent by airmail or
registered airmail as Amel will normally send parts by courier at huge
expense. If I were you I would get three new ones as without a
bowthruster it is very difficult/impossible to get into tight spaces
especially in strong winds. When I saw your boat in WA years ago there
was a spare prop on the aft bulkhead in the engine room.
You should put bowthruster in the sites search box as there has been
a lot of advice over the years.
I should be grateful if you would post the numbers on the two oil
seals so that I can get spares before we go to Spain to sort out our
boat in May.

Best wishes from Malta, Anne and John, SM 319
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Our SM is out currently being serviced on the hard. I have
discovered one blade is missing on our bowthruster and obviously needs
to be replaced. Where and whom in Australia am I able to get a
replacement propeller and who is the manufacturer of this unit.

Thank you

Best Regards, Barry and Robyn
Tradewinds III, SM # 171


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