Re: Amel Euros 41 1976 - Steering Wheel Removal Confusion

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>

Thanks to all for your replies. 

I got the wheel back on today with the play removed which was the intitial plan. I also ditched the cog and chain for the autopilot which isn't working. I can't see that being reinstated but as we do, I'll keep the parts for now.

Re the cables, I haven't checked the condition as the aft cabin is a storeroom for looming jobs. It is smooth though for now. Hydraulic no doubt the way forward, but maybe with an autopilot integration at the same time. With me being in Greece, there isn't a lot of point for autopilot, just if I venture further one day. 

Hi Elja, 'You have a verry good boat but a lot of work' - You're not kidding! Will be rewarding though :)

Thanks all.

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