Latest Goiot Tradition Prices 2019!

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>

Yes we know M stands for Marine in the industry when buying parts. 

So thanks to this site, I found what hatches are on my Euros 41 and asked RigRite for a quote for 2 skus. One they don't have but this one just impressed me. I shouldn't be too shocked but come on!

Also love the section - 'Lead time on Goi PT-HP8 @ 12 weeks'

So serious question, in my business I can produce parts such as this in titanium. I could make the pins, plastic handle, the screw above for less than these daft prices. Thoughts anyone?
Also with plastic printing being relatively cheap now, how many people need these parts or similar but hold off owing to the costs? Could organise a group purchase.



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