24v alternator pulley

Nick Newington

I am still not completely happy with the 24v 175A alternator installation on Amelia.
There is belt dust that is annoying, and they do not last very long.

I have checked the alignment and it is pretty good.

The alternator is nearly new.

I have a smart regulator that ramps up the load gradually.

The two idler pulley are not perfect. So I will have them machined down say 0.5mm and new bearings and check they are true. Maybe this is the problem?

The faces of the grooved pulleys are smooth.

So far the best belt in terms of longevity is the Mitsubishi Set Free SPB 1320LW.

Belt tension; I do not have a gauge and do it by feel. Perhaps it is time to buy the tension gauge?

What I am beginning to think is that I should change from twin v pulleys to a Serpentine grooved pulley with a single wide belt. I
could use the existing idlers and the tensioner. Change the PTO pulley and the alternator pulley.

Has anyone done this?

Or does anyone have any thoughts.

S/Y Amelia anchored in the south of Peloponnisos
AML 54-019

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