Re: Remote two way valve for flushing the water maker

David Wallace

Paul, yes that’s how it works. With no power on the solenoids the open one let’s salt water in and the closed one keeps freshwater out. Throwing the switch provides power to both solenoids simultaneously which closes the saltwater solenoid and opens the fresh water one. When done flushing I then turn off the RO master switch and power is simultaneously removed from both solenoids (since power to them is routed from the “downstream” side of the master power switch) so they return to their normal state: if I just turned off the solenoid switch saltwater would be introduced again until the RO system was shut off. Then be sure to turn off the solenoid switch or else you'll be making water with your own freshwater when you next start up your system! I've just built a relay switch to solve that problem but haven’t installed it yet.

Good luck!

Dave Wallace
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On Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 07:03 PM, Alan Leslie wrote:
Dave and Alan thanks, great idea with the timer, as I often forget to flush my membranes. If I understand it right on the saltwater side you have a "remote" valve open when no current and on the fresh water side the valve is open when current is on so when the current is on it flush with freshwater, as the saltwater valve is closed, and when current off it is free passage of salt water if one want to operate the desalinator.
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