Re: Latest Goiot Tradition Prices 2019!

Charles Bell

Hello Andrew,
Great to hear from you! I am going to re-post an update I sent to Bob earlier today. Maybe we should make a group for this.
I am having a machine shop use CNC to make a large, low cost per item batch of:
Axel bolts
Plastic Pins
Plastic knobs - Female M8
Plastic Knobs - Male M8
Here is what has happened so far:
I measured the parts and made drawings
Requested bids from several shops
Selected a shop to work with 
Today I am going down to the part and removing "sample parts" from my boat, 
Monday I will mail the samples to the machine shop.
The machine shop will confirm measures and comment
A round of samples will be made and shipped to me
I will test fit the parts on the boat
At this point I would be happy to post pictures/video of the parts. I would also be happy to share them around to get more feedback.

After we adjust or OK the parts they will make 100-200 of each part. Of course, we can increase the batch size if there is more interest.
The manufactured cost should be a few dollars each. I think we will land in the $3-7 dollar/each range.
My initial order was marine-grade aluminum with anodization (which is how my original parts *seem* to have been made. I am open to the idea of other material suggestions.

This is *not* a money-making endeavor. Just cost-sharing... and saving us all some money.
Anyone who would like to connect and help/influence/get some of these parts is welcome to post on this thread or private message me. I will share my phone number privately...

For the gaskets, I am shopping online and would appreciate being pointed to anyone else's sources & wisdom!!

Thank you,
Charles (& Hae)
SV Jupiter
@CruisingJupiter - Facebook
Mango Hull #29

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