Re: seals orientation

Craig Briggs

Hi Arnold,
I assume when you say the springs of the Amel supplied lip seals were magnetic you (or your mechanic) concluded they were not Stainless Steel and therefore you replaced them with O-rings. Actually, Stainless Steel is slightly magnetic and the very thin and lightweight Stainless Steel springs in lip seals will "stick" to a magnet - therefore the "test" your mechanic performed was not definitive.

You must rely on the manufacturers specification - there is a Code letter that specifies Stainless Steel Garter Springs. Carbon Steel is usually the default, so you must specifically order stainless steel garter spring. I am sure Amel supplied the correct lip seal and that it did, indeed, have a stainless steel spring. If I recall correctly, Amel ships the lip seals in the manufacturer's box - if so you could check the part number on the box, if you still have it, and see that it indeed is a Stainless Steel Garter Spring.

Cheers, Craig

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