Infos about Break in the Main Mast Furler

Alexander Hofmann

Hi Amel 54 friends,
my main mast furler did block due to corrosion inside, after 8 years of operation. The rubber sealing ring above was broken, and there has been no drain hole in the lower part. Funny. Both Topics are resolved with a new furler (NOT lowcost) from AMEL. I try to repair the old one to have a spare furler onboard.
The break inside the furler in the lower section is strongly corroded and needs repair or replacement. 
I am sure that I am not the first and not the last who has had or will have this problem. 
My question: Does anybody has information and experience about the mechanical parts, the electrical connection, or even where the mechanical parts of this break could be found for purchase?
Thanks for your help!!!
SY Oceanica I. Amel 54#156 from 2010

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