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Our boat has a little placard next to the shifter which reads "Sous voiles, moteur arrêté. NE JAMAIS LAISSER LE LEVIER EMBRAYE dans la POSITION QUI NE STOPPE PAS franchement l'hélice." (crazy capitalization in original)  Which I translate to "Under sail, motor stopped.  NEVER LEAVE THE SHIFT LEVER in a POSITION WHICH DOES NOT STOP the propeller ."  If I take a slightly looser translation, "Under sail without motor: never leave the shift lever in a position which allows the propeller to spin freely."


So it doesn't actually tell you which position to put it in, just that you should make it stop.  It doesn't even tell you to make it stop spinning, but I think that's implied.  I've noticed on mine that it will slowly spin if put in forward, so I always leave it in reverse.  I believe the original owner of our boat did the same.  But the text does say something about the free spinning of the propeller (I think; "franchement" doesn't seem to have a direct translation to English in this context. Google Translate just drops it from the sentence entirely) so it's possible that slowly rotating is fine.


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I don't know which gearbox your Amel has. But my Sharki has the Hurth HBW20 gearbox and the placard says, quite strongly, to NEVER have the shift in forward when sailing and the engine is stopped!
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