My 4th AMEL a 54


Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted, currently we are in La Rochelle with our new 54 No 120 "Cléo" a wonderful experience. This is my 4th AMEL. First came "Ebbrezza" a Fango No 24 now in Hendaye with Claude Martin who is lovingly caring for her. Then came "Khamsin B" a Santorin Sloop No 54, these first two AMELs I shared with Dennis Woods who now has SM2000 "Il Flauto Magico". "Khamsin B" is now being enjoyed by the Dublin Garda(Police) Sailing Club. After that Molly Spearman, my wife and I enjoyed Le Capitains Kirk No 99 (He thought it was No 100) "Maï-Taï" which is currently being sold.

We are basing "Cléo" in La Rochelle. We hope to visit Ireland, which is our other home, Scotland and the North of Spain this summer. We will also spend some time in the La Rochelle region having some work done on a house. So, if any new 54 owner or any other AMEL owner wishes to get in touch please do so.

So far - DO NOT SAIL with the dishwasher filled on your 54.

Fair Sailing,

Rob & Molly

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