D3-110 oil blow-by

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

My Volvo D3-110 is exhibiting what I think is blow by. Oil migrates up the return hose and slowly collects in the air filter. In the attached photo, I am pointing to the hose where oil migrates.

I have read some articles that indicate that blow by indicates worn rings (only 2250 hours!) but also might be due to a failed/clogged crankcase breather or just because the tolerances are loose when the engine is cold, so there's inevitably some blowby. 

It's not a lot of oil, perhaps a tablespoon per 100 hours or so, but it's annoying in that it starts leaking out of the air filter housing, across the hoses and down to the engine room floor.

Should I be worried?
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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