Re: Tips for the passage from Chesapeake to St. Maarten?

Alan Grayson

Hi Scott, we will be leaving at roughly the same time. At this stage we are leaving direct from Annapolis on the morning of the 3rd. predict wind and windy seem to both agree ( at this stage ). I’m not as worried if the wind is from the NW as the stream is moving NE where we would be crossing. I would prefer more out of the west but as long as it is under 15kts I will be leaving even if its North, it is supposed to be pretty light( once again at this stage), it might make for a bit of a bumpy ride but not too bad. If the wind is higher I will wait for a better wind angle.

We plan on heading to Bermuda mainly because it is a great place to visit and is not that far out of the way. We have done the trip before and it is best to get your easting in early before you hit the southeast trades which means Bermuda is not far out of the way.


Alan Grayson

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Thanks Mike. It'd be great if we could time it to leave more or less around the same time. We'll probably stick around DC this weekend and may just do an overnighter to get to Norfolk on Sunday.

Since leaving with a NW from Norfolk is not advisable, how do you choose your weather window?

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