Re: Amel Santorin Specs and Alterations

Herbert Lackner

Hi Orion,

not starting with pros and cons of SN and SM, just answering your questions:

* freezer: we have a waeco freezer in the cockpit locker, just next to the chair, works fine and is probably the only place in the SN where you can install one without major changes (~0,4k $).
* aircon: we have a portable seawater cooled unit but used it only 4 times in the last 5 years. Italy, Trinidad and Panama in the Marina (and have been very glad we had one...). There would be space to install a small fixed unit on starboard opposite to the front bath-room, -3k $
* 12V
* generator (eg. fischer panda 4000) can be installed in the engine room or (as we have it) in the aft locker.
* water maker: can be installed in the engine room, the tubes below the cockpit locker. enough space for 2 ore more (thanks Ian, that was really a very good hint), control box below the galley, no additional through hulls necessary.  ~4k $

fair winds,

KALI MERA, SN120, Mazatlan

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