Re: Amel Santorin Specs and Alterations

Orion Martin

G'day John,

Thank you for your reply. Wow, the amount of work you have had done to your boat is incredible (and slightly eyewatering:) but we expect to pay $100k for upgrades so its close to where we would end up. Pleasing to note insurance was able to value your boat at what you have spent on it. Your add ons and modifications are what we would like to do, though the change of engine seems daunting. I will keep in mind about the spline problem with the Perkins engine when looking for a suitable Santorin. 

I'm originally from Christchurch and know about the windy conditions at times around Banks Peninsula, we anticipate sailing to Lyttleton in the future to catch up with family and hopefully do a tour around the islands. Fair winds to you and may Nga Waka keep you safe.

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