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Maybe it fits in here most. 


I am asking all with Volvo D3-110 motor in Amel 54.[TDB]  I replaced my engine last year July 2018. I had a “C” with 3200hrs and got an “H”.



I like to get some basic values about this motors. 


What is the max rpm when under way? [TDB]  I prefer to motor between 1180 and 1300 rpm under normal conditions which is between 5.5 to 6.5 knots. From time to time I need to increase RPMS to 1500 due to wind or current. Last week for about 8 – 10 hrs was doing 1,750 rpm in very swelly/choppy + strong winds and only doing 5 to 5.5knts which at the end improved to 7.5knts when the situations got better. The highest I have ran the engine (except during the sea trials) is about 1,980 rpms.


What is the max vessel speed? [TDB]  During sea trial last year we reached 9.5 knots @2,950 RPM inside a choppy bay.


What is average fuel consumption?[TDB]  2.75lph


What is the turbo pressure at certain rpm? [TDB]  Not sure – need to look next time I use the engine. But my impression really not that high at my preferred rpms.


What is the usual temperature at 1500 rpm? [TDB]  my temp once engine is working is always between 79 and 81


How many hours motor age.[TDB]  Today 340 – motored a lot coming back from THE BANKS towards PORT VILA VANUATU. And then again motors ailing and plain motoring last week coming back from VANUATU to NEW CALEDONIA.


Have ther been extensive repairs in the past? [TDB]  On the “C” – OH YEAH; that why I decided to bite the bullet and get a completely new engine. Mostly bcoz of the inadequate diagnostic systems for the early models VOLVO D3.


If anybody has other motor health relevant questions please add. 


I like to get some values from other owners. I think with some observations we might gather a base that will help. 



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On Mon, Oct 28, 2019, 14:33 Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

Hi all,

My Volvo D3-110 is exhibiting what I think is blow by. Oil migrates up the return hose and slowly collects in the air filter. In the attached photo, I am pointing to the hose where oil migrates.

I have read some articles that indicate that blow by indicates worn rings (only 2250 hours!) but also might be due to a failed/clogged crankcase breather or just because the tolerances are loose when the engine is cold, so there's inevitably some blowby. 

It's not a lot of oil, perhaps a tablespoon per 100 hours or so, but it's annoying in that it starts leaking out of the air filter housing, across the hoses and down to the engine room floor.

Should I be worried?
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