Re: Amel Santorin Specs and Alterations

Orion Martin

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply. Thats interesting about the lithium batteries, and you may be right that it is perhaps not the best investment for a three year plan considering the amount of work and cost involved to install lithium. Fundamentally, we would not look to change most of the systems, and I agree that Amel has everything well thought out in terms of their designs evolving through experience. We do want an extra level of comfort though, and are ready to make changes straight away to ensure a minimum level of comfort we would be happy travelling with.

Yes I absolutely agree, a washing machine is a must, hence the idea about modifying the galley with extra bench top in which we store the washing machine below. This idea was inspired by a Maramu owner who had installed an extra bench top and modified seating around the table. The bench top has a washing machine below which I think is great.

It should be noted that I have seriously considered the Mango because of its U- shaped seating around the table. However, the Santorin is more suitable for our needs with the large aft locker, position of the prop, and sugar scoop transom. 

There have been some great ideas mentioned in this thread, with the Fischer Panda generator, and freezer in the cockpit locker which we would incorporate in our planning. Admittedly, our plans are at a very nascent stage and will no doubt change and reevaluate over time. the advice and ideas given in this group are invaluable and most appreciated:)

Kindest regards

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