Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow locker seals

Bob Ross

Hi Eric, and others,

Eric did you get your seals?
If so did you order from AAA-Acme rubber company? If so what model# did you decide on? Does it have tape on it for attaching? Did you pick neoprene? Price?
I have sent an email to AAA-Acme as well, waiting on their response.

Our thread left me a little confused - but that is easy.
The measurements on our boat are 1" wide by 1/2" high.  (25mmx12mm) and hollow.
If Amel has/is running out of inventory then I guess we are looking at AAA_Acme or similar?

So I am thinking AAA-ACME CACD110 is the correct size as a 1/8" think hollow version and 1"x1/2". Not the 1" x 1" version.

Too Bill's point if today's neoprene is not as "tough" as in 2002 then should we consider 1"x1/2" solid half-round CACD120
This is a project I would like to have done before shoving off this season.
Any help, experience and advice is always appreciated.

Fair winds and good holding,
Nomad SM2K #362 Trinidad

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