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david bruce

Hi Miles, Just a thought here. I also have a small leak there and have temporarily sealed it externally so can not speak to the logistics of the headliner directly. Liesse has had the entire headliner in all cabins replaced with a lighter white headliner which really serves to open and brighten the spaces. If you are doing an entire space i personally might take the opportunity to go lighter. I haven t tackled a true leak repair yet largely because it looks like i will have to in some way mar this really nice headliner, but know i m just kicking the can down the road here.


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A leak on the stainless grab rails on the aft cabin top has lead to some discolouration of the headliner during previous ownership.

I’m hoping to leave the Headliner trim on the vertical window sections in place as it’s not stained at all but also I can’t see any easy way of removing this other than taking the windows out to expose, I presume, hidden screws that hold internal ply backing in place.

Has anyone tried this ?

I’m considering not gluing new headliner directly but instead templating thin ply then covering this and screwing the ply sections to the roof. Hopefully this will work ok 🤞

Also does anyone have any experience of a good headliner match for the vintage Maramus ?

Many thanks in advance

Maramu 162

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