Re: Maramu headliner

Ian Park

I replaced all the headlining in the aft cabin.
For the roof I did put the lining on thin ply. I then used Velcro to position the panels correctly and keeping it all in place by screwing wooden battens to the roof which overlapped the edges of each panel.
The original wooden battens on the Santorin meant the panels would be quite large. I think it was just one down the centre. So I added a new batten across the roof (in 2 sections) so that there are 4 more easily managed panels.
I did have to remove the wood around the windows by taking the window screws out, but the sealant on the windows was still sound, so I didn’t remove the windows themselves - just replaced the screws.
Getting the old glue off the roof was the hardest part. I used a plastic version of a circular wire brush in an electric drill. It stripped the glue off without damaging the fibreglass.


Ocean Hobo SN96

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