Re: Remote two way valve for flushing the water maker

Dan Carlson

Hi Alan, I'm glad that you mentioned wiring in the fresh water pump.  I have the flush solinoid, but have not controlled the fw pump that way. That has left me with the concern of leaving the pump on and FW system pressurized while away.   Can you provide any more detail on how that is wired in relation to the normal FW pump breaker?  And is there any risk of interference when the FW pump is operating normally.  I still operate the T valve to switch between the sea water inlet and the FW loop manually.

Thanks and regards,  Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387.

On Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 8:05 PM Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@... wrote:
Oh and I should have said the 24VDC timer also sends 24VDC to a relay which switches power to the FW pump so you don;t need to leave the boat with FW pump switch on. The relay and a circuit breaker for the pump supply are mounted in the circuit breaker box for the watermaker etc on the engine room forward wall.
Elyse SM437

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