Re: 160l/hr Water-maker hp pump

Will Stout <tango708@...>

Hi Nick,
I had the same issue after leaving Martinique for the state last year.  The CAT pumps are built in the USA and are rebuildable, however I was not able to find a dealer in the USA to rebuild mine.  After purchasing a new pump ($1,300) I learned that's almost every carwash in America has that pump and the folks who service carwashes will rebuild them for you.  BTW, they rebuild them in Martinique regularly. Mine failed after testing the high pressure switch, which was working just fine but of course ran the pressure up beyond normal operating pressure.

I notice that you are in Greece but I would still check with a local automated carwash about service.

Good Luck,

Will Stout,
Anni Bea True, SM180
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