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Hi Ian.  I first had new cabinet pulls made.  That worked out well, so when I had two good gear boxes with three broken covers (the plates on the top and bottom of the gear box), I had those printed, too.  So far they seem to be holding up well.
I agree that 3-D printing will become a very helpful tool with items that aren’t too complicated.  With multiple compound curves it requires a very sophisticated 3-D scanner that drives the cost up a lot, especially for small numbers.

I understand that 3-D printing can also be done with a variety of different metals, but haven’t had a need to try that yet.  Materials can add significantly to the cost as well.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
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Hi Kent,

 Which parts did you have made ?  3-D printing could play a huge role in replacing parts that are no longer in production.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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I had some made by 3D printing in nylon that seem to be holding up.  Contact Ronan at Pro 3D Printing Services +1 (410) 831-5891

They were $150 each with the cost of design work.

Kent Robertson
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He paul ,
We ordert new gaerboxes in Italy and install one new .
It was not expencive
Only the leroy somer motor you ca order it only by amel
It was not possoble to order the motor  by leroy somer

When you intrested i will lock tomorow for some fotos and mre details

SM Balu 222

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