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I rebuilt the 20 year old high pressure pump on my 24V D60 a few years ago with parts I got through Dessalator guy in Maine (Mark Fruehoff-Balcen Marine Technical Setvices-(207) 522-6737-info@...).  The parts cost ~$750US.  It wasn’t hard to do and has worked fine since.

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Thanks Will. 
I reckon that the leak is from one of the oil seals on the crankcase. The pump works fine and has only 608 hours on it. 
However if I go to the trouble of taking it out then it should get a full service at the same time; new low and high pressure seals and valve check.
This is something that I could do myself so long as I have the parts...
I am hauling out on Monday; not sure I will find anyone here. Looks to me like either 
1. I send it to a repair shop in Athens. Anyone know one?
2. I take it in my bag to the UK and either service it myself or have it serviced.
3. Leave it on the boat and source the service kit in the UK and service it myself in the spring.

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Hi Nick,
I had the same issue after leaving Martinique for the state last year.  The CAT pumps are built in the USA and are rebuildable, however I was not able to find a dealer in the USA to rebuild mine.  After purchasing a new pump ($1,300) I learned that's almost every carwash in America has that pump and the folks who service carwashes will rebuild them for you.  BTW, they rebuild them in Martinique regularly. Mine failed after testing the high pressure switch, which was working just fine but of course ran the pressure up beyond normal operating pressure.

I notice that you are in Greece but I would still check with a local automated carwash about service.

Good Luck,

Will Stout,
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