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I am not sure whether you received information about this but I have been through the exercise myself after a bit of a scare the cooling intake became blocked. I decided to add analogue gauges so I could monitor the water temperature and the oil pressure. The Volvo character here steered me in the wrong direction and it was only due to some research myself I was able to work this out.

There are two water temperature sensors, one is a switch the other is a temperature sender. both have wires connected to them as part of the installation of the engine but the temperature sender is not terminated behind the dash, only the switch which is activated with the alarm when the temperature exceeds a number, by then it is probably too late. By installing a VDO temperature gauge (Perkins and Volvo use), to the blanked off wires from the sender off the engine that are behind the dash you can achieve your temperature reading.

Likewise with the oil pressure/switch on the engine, there are three wires. Two are connected to the oil pressure light, the third is blanked off. Get a VDO gauge and connect to the third wire behind the dash and bingo, we have an oil pressure reading.

I do have the wiring diagram if anyone wants it.

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We have a Perkins 4154 engine on our 1981 Maramu. Ther seems to be two
temperature sensors at the top of the engine near the thermostat. One
is threaded right on the engine block. The second one in is on a T
connection right above it (hoses going to the fresh water heater).
Does anyone know what the finction of these are? I guess the one on
the engine block goes to the temperature gauge on the engine panel in
the cockpit and the second one is the temperature alarm actuator? The
second on has a 1/2 diameter thread. Does any one know where I can buy
this part new?

Alex Paquin
Amel Maramu #94

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