Maramu window ply interior removal

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Hi there fellow Amelians

Thanks to Ian on Ocean Hobo for describing how the interior ply window panels come out on his SN. Apparently remove window screws and bolts and the ply will come away with some persuasion. So in effect the window screws and through bolts hold the ply interior in place on the SN.

Does anyone on the group have direct experience of this on a Maramu? Is it the same ?

I have a troublesome leak on the main coach roof and it’s effecting the ply around the windows and damaging the veneer. Grr.

I am failing to locate the source . I think it’s from the handrail or the main hatch above the table so have tarped these and will apply a process of elimination but the answer probably lies in headliner removal

The headliner ticks under the window ply so hence the question!

I do wish Amel had used screwed into headliner panels. Seems to make so much sense for many reasons and wonder why they didn’t. Can’t imagine it was a cost cutting thing. Perhaps aesthetics but I’d trade those for simplicity. Perhaps the newer models have adopted this ?

All the best and happy sailing for those afloat

Maramu 162
In the hard !
Plymouth uk

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