Re: Maramu 1984 - Genoa - Original sailpan overlap

smiles bernard

Hi there

Ours genoa 150% or perhaps even 160% when we purchased the boat

We reduced it to 135 with a new sail and that seemed like a good compromise to us and got us around the North Atlantic very well. 

We pull  the big old one out of retirement for the downwind trade winds passage East to West but at all other times used the 135%

If you go this route .... its well worth checking the smaller sail's clew is cut so it can still be poled out and reefed whilst poled etc 

Ours was cut high which worked well fo the poles but just too high so that I can’t reach the leech line or clew without gymnastics - also worth considering imo

As a related next trip ... (if it happens!) .... for downwind work we will use the 135% and have a dedicated 110ish% strong sail piston hanked onto a removable forestay for pole plus pole downwind work with double headsails

Ive done this before and tried other things like cruising chutes and small spinnakers but for simplicity it cant be beaten in my humble opinion. 

The main genoa on the furler as the throttle and the smaller bullet proof one hanked on and up for the whole passage (unless it gets seriously windy). 

I appreciate that SM have the choice of the double headsails up the same foil and the means to release this which looks pretty awesome so probably more of a consideration for vintage Maramu folk

All the best and happy sailing 


Maramu 162 1986

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