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We have just posted our experiences changing from gas to electric. Our pdf is also within the file section.

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5 nov. 2019 kl. 15:53 skrev David Crisp <david@...>:

I've inherited a Force 10 electric stove and oven with Wilna Grace which means running the generator whenever we want to cook or make a cup of tea. The stove has conventional radiant electric hot plates.
In the new year I'm installing ~900W of solar panels and a year later plan to change over from lead acid to a Lithium battery system with inverter/charger etc. 

Some advice please, do I change over to a gas stove for now, then when I have the Lithium/inverter system in place install an induction hob whilst retaining the gas oven? Or do I retain the electric stove/oven I currently have ready for the long term?
My thinking being: Is it realistic to think of running the conventional electric oven off lithium batteries with inverter? Surely the overall power drain is too much?
I have an induction hob onshore back home so fully understand why folks love them on a boat and can see how, being so efficient, running this from lithium batteries with inverter is viable.


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