Re: Maramu 1984 - Genoa - Original sailpan overlap

smiles bernard

Hi Bill 

The SM rig looks really interesting 

I  think there is perhaps a couple of difference btwn Maramu and Super M in this instance though

My Maramu might be typical of others of the same vintage in that it does not have the original furler with the 3 track luff with the ability to use a mouse to release the ballooner. As such, i'll never fly the ballooner and genoa on the same furler as they cant be taken up / down independently. So to me the ballooner has only been used as a cruising chute - flown solo in light airs & without the genoa - ie not very often ! 

Also my Maramu does not have powered cockpit sheet winches - I've been really happy with the slightly smaller cut genoa as it makes winch work easier and better sail shape upwind but again some of the SM I have seem have nice  (aftermarket?) staysails which perhaps help in this department too

All the best

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