Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 12 V Battery problem on Alma Libre

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>


You really must have a problem with the 12V circuit. I have left Crusader for a month without any problem starting either the main engine or generator. I would suggest that you start the gen set first as the starting load is less than the main engine, and it's 12V alternator will put something back into the 12V battery. You might want to disconnect the positive lead of the 12V battery and put your test meter in series with it and the positive post to see if there is any current being drawn when both engines are off. As far as I am aware, all the 12V circuitry is supplied via the DC/DC converters that are fed from the 24V bank, so I believe that there should be no drain at all off the 12V battery.

I have often left the boat for 2 week periods also without any problem, though admittedly in warm climates. Maybe if you are leaving Alma Libre in a very cold environment, you might have a potential starting problem due to the oil thickening in the engine, but I would guess it would have to be mighty cold for that to happen.

Good Luck

Ian Shepherd


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