Re: Amel 54 battery group

Matt Salatino

Strange, I wonder why they are installing gel batteries on our new 50?


On Nov 9, 2019, at 9:27 AM, Alexander Hofmann <DACJ@...> wrote:

Hi Paul, Sharon, Courtney
AMEL has changed its advice for the batteries in about 2015. They advice the AGM 12V/110Ah. I have them onboard since years and I am very satisfied. Will change them after more than 4 years in spring. The general adive is to change them each 3 years. I would reccomend to anyone to change the 13 batteries at the same time, the starter battery and the 6 pairs of 12V batteries in serie, producing 24V. AMEL dis-advices Sol/Gel batteries. See
You can prolong the batteries lifetime with 6 battery balancers (see which equalizes the state of charge of the 2 batteries connected.
Alexander Hofmann
SY Oceanica I - Amel 54#156

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