Help with 220 Volt Genset exhaust fan Super Maramu

eric freedman


My genset fan fell of the overhead in the engine room disconnecting some wires.
the fan has 4 wires blue, brown, green/yellow, and black.
The green/yellow and the blue are still connected but the brown and the black are not.

The cable  coming from the transfer switch area has 3 wires green/yellow (still connected) blue (still connected)
However the capacitor is connected to a red wire from that cable through a fuse and it is disconnected as is the black wire..

How is the red wire with the fuse and capacitor connected to the fan and how is the black wire connected to the wiring of  the fan? The electrical drawing of the genset fan from Amel just shows a fan.

Fair Winds,
SM 376 Kimberlite

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