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Porter McRoberts

John Completely agree. 
I am tempted by the lithium ion technology but our 2 year old AGMs rate at 98% on the load tests after 2 years of living on the biat   Again never below 80%. We have 1000watts solar and are highly attentive to running the generator when needed. Which equals about 40 minutes a day. AGM works great. 


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I think I am going to second what Joel just said.  Annie has a good quality set of AGM lead-acid batteries.  They were installed in 2012 and are still working fine.  The previous owners, who purchased the batteries were minimalists who did not significantly deplete the batteries during their two circumnavigations.  In the last three years cruising nonstop for two years we almost never depleted the batteries below 80%....we were able to do this with 700w solar and timing the genset run. An were not totally frugal with power.  

Anyway AGM is a proven technology and is not terrible more expensive than a wet lead acid battery.  With some care they will last.  As Joel said, newer chargers and alternators do take better care of the batteries than before.  It appears that Lifeline and Lithium batteries are "better" performance wise...but at least for me it is an open question as to whether or not they are economically better.  I guess I will be facing that question soon as my batteries are seven years old.  

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I have an invoice from when I replaced the batteries on my Amel 54 and I am sure I replaced them with what Amel recommended at the time. The size was Group 31. There are big but sometimes small  hard to notice differences in closely numbered battery group sizes. These tiny differences become very obvious when you try to install the wrong size of 13 different new batteries in a space designed to hold Group 31’s . For what it’s worth, my batteries were maintenance free lead-calcium sealed types and  lasted almost exactly 4 years and were not  quite dead but dying. As my 54 was my demonstration boat for the North American market and was only sailed around 8,000 miles a year . It was on a dock with shore power and the 30 amp charger on 24/7 to keep the fridge/freezers happy, I got more battery life than boats that were on the hook more often than not. Steady supply to demand fosters longer battery life. I was unfortunate to only be able to be on the anchor less than a month each year. Full time jobs do this…

In having sold hundreds of brokerage Amel boats over the past 39 years, I can offer you these observations. Up until about five years ago, boats that were actively cruised at least 9 months each year and dependent on using the diesel propulsion engine or the generator for charging seemed to average about 3 years on a set of lead acid batteries. With the advent of better alternators with smart/adaptive/controllable regulation,  much more efficient solar panels and control mechanisms that are also efficient, the same lead acid batteries now days seem to be lasting about four years and sometimes five and six. Steady electrical flow in/out and not depleting the batteries into the danger zone would seem to be the logical explanation.

I am just now starting to resell boats with Firefly and Lithium Ion batteries  and, so far, nothing but love for them from selling owners. I think this is because they are rather expensive and get better care than what we thought of as disposable lead acids, as well as being technologically superior. I have also noted a phenomenon over the  four decades of selling Amel and other better quality boats that the more an emerging technology costs, the more the person who wrote the check attempts to rationalize and justify any less than stellar experiences.

Of course, there are so many variables with charging systems that this epistle should be viewed as opinion based on a wide swath of experience and certainly not absolute fact.


Have fun with your Amel, Joel    



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Thanks, yes it was the group part I was interested in. It just makes it a bit easier when researching potential replacements.




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When I had a failure of two batteries and ended up replacing the bank Injse grp29 AC Delco lead acids. They served quite well.  
I am pretty sure that the grp27/29/30/31 are (nearly) identical in size and then differences lie ni capacity and post arrangement.
Most recently I installed a Trojan 30xhs set and am quite pleased.  
It was a snug fit but they are nice batteries. 
So, I said all that and you'll be looking at agm's but I wanted to try to answer the 'group number' part. 
Measurements are readily available from almost any manufacturer's website. A secure for matters :) .

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