Raw water pump on Volvo D3

ngtnewington Newington

I have another question for the group.

Two years ago in Trinidad I replaced the bearings and seals on  the raw water pump on my Volvo D3 as it was dripping sea water. Not ideal since the 12v alternator is directly below!!! Since then it has not leaked a drop it until now. I noticed a few crystals of salt on a little plastic tray, I keep below the pump, whilst putting the boat to bed for the winter.

The rebuild two years ago was some 500  engine hours ago. 

Is that normal? I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for double that.

What to do?

1. Buy whole new pump at a cost of £525.

2. Buy the rebuild kit that includes a new shaft. £225

3. or just fit a new lip seal that costs very little about £5


S/Y Amelia

AML 54-019 
Bazimakopolos yard, Greece

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