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Thanks Eric.

Your description reflects that the fuse and capacitor are each in series on the load, with the fuse and capacitor parallel to one another. I assume that wiring the fuse and capacitor parallel to one another and in series on the load is the same as each being wired in-line and in series to the load. I suspect that either way the fuse and capacitor will do their job. Since I am not an electrician, I would wire them in-line and in series to the load with the fuse between the load source and the capacitor and the capacitor between the fuse and blower. But, my method¬† probably isn't as clean and neat. One day I will go back to school, maybe.ūüėÄ

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Hi Bill ,Here is how the genset fan is wired:

green yellow  in the cable to the fan green yellow

Blue in the cable to the blue on on the fan

Red from the cable to the fuse.

Then one side of the capacitor and the brown wire from to the fan connected together to the other side  side of the fuse.
The brown and the capacitor wire are connected in parallel to the fuse

Black wire from the fan connected to the other side of the capacitor.

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