Re: Wave slap / banging under the stern

Mark Erdos

Hi Stefan,


In the past, we have effectively used swimming noodles. Put a rope through about three of them and attach each end of the rope to the furthest aft cleats on the toe-rail (level with the portholes of the aft cabin). Pull the noodles into position under the stern.


No that we have been living on the boat for quite some time, the noise no longer bothers us. At first it was very annoying.



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Wave slap / banging under the stern


Hello to all,

today a less technical issue.
Do somebody got a (temporarily) solution against the banging (and often really annyoing) waves under the stern/ owners bed of the AMEL 53/ 54/ 55 - when on anchor?

Best regards
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