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Mohammed, photos?


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Hello Stefan;


After the first season aboard Kokomo about 5 years ago, we started looking for a solution for the “banging” you refer to. After a few iterations of trying different solutions, we came up with our final solution that we affectionately refer to as the “slap slap device”.


It basically consists of two layers of mesh fabric (the same material cargo straps are made of), strengthened by 1 inch mesh straps sewed in both directions every 18 inches. The two layers are then sewed together forming several pockets that we have inserted 2 mm waterproof foam for floatation and sound insulation. This is custom made to fit the entire stern from the trailing edge of the rudder to the back of the transom and all the way to the sides about 12 inches above the water line. It has several long straps for attachment to the lifelines/stanchions.


We simply deploy from the stern and slip it under the stern from the sides. We just attach four of the straps to the lifelines (just at the forward/rudder end) and let the rest happily float and move up and down with the water movement, under the stern. This provides an insulated barrier between the water line and the hull, where the hull rises out of the water at the stern and the sound originates from.


It takes one person about 5 minutes to deploy and retrieve. We simply fold and hang on the life lines, after retrieval, to dry.


This will handle almost all conditions that we typically anchor in, where the boat is facing the wind and waves. It does not do as well when larger waves are coming from the stern, but does help to dampen the sound (this is not a common condition). We also deploy her at marinas/harbors where small wavelets are present. As soon as deployed, it transforms the master cabin from a drum machine, into a quiet place to rest and relax. It is on extremely rare occasions that we have to move to the forward cabin due to sound.


We have now utilized our slap slap device for 5 seasons in the Med. It has been used in all conditions from 2-3 knot currents to 35-40 knot winds. She is almost like new and should last for a few more years. It has made a huge difference for us, as the master cabin was one of the major selling points of the 54 and we could not imagine, not being to utilize it.



Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Hello to all,

today a less technical issue.
Do somebody got a (temporarily) solution against the banging (and often really annyoing) waves under the stern/ owners bed of the AMEL 53/ 54/ 55 - when on anchor?

Best regards
A54 119 Lady Charlyette - Porto Santo

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