Re: Important Update Re: No steering parts, rack & pinion, cables, from Amel


All SN, SM & 54 owners:

If you recall, one owner attempted to order steering rack and/or cable parts from Amel and was told the parts were no longer available. As soon as I read this, I got in touch with Amel, who told me Ultraflex, the Italian rack and cable manufacturer, abruptly and without notice stopped production of these parts. I asked Amel for some help and they said that they were working on a solution. I continued to follow-up with Uflex, the US distributor for Ultraflex, Italy. I asked Uflex USA to get involved with Ultraflex and push them for a solution. I promised all of you that I would post any results here.

The following is from Uflex USA. If you need/want replacement steering rack or cable parts, you should probably order them now from SAV"at" It seems as though the steering rack normally lasts 20+ years. Cables usually last longer. Without replacement parts you will be forced to install a major steering change.
Email message to me from Uflex USA:
Ultraflex, Italy is in contact with Chantier Amel in France, apparently they will be able to supply them a last batch of cables. 
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