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That bolt stabilizes the C-Drive from torque. Below is a snip from my Amel Book, showing the bolt and its rubber bushing. It should be sealed with a flexible removable sealer. Black silicone RTV is one such material. If the aft part of the C-Drive can be moved to either side by 10mm, or more, the C-Drive Foot Rubber Bushing needs to be replaced. The rubber bushing replacement part is a piece of heavy duty 1” or 25mm hose. Recommendation is side to side movement of 5mm or less. The replacement procedure is fairly straight forward, generally easy, and in my Amel Book.


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On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 10:50 AM Mark Pitt <mark_pitt@...> wrote:
There is a keel bolt near the C drive that is covered in a thick black rubber sealant.  The sealant does not appear to be silicone based.  I have a tear in that black rubber cover, revealing the head of the bolt.  What product should be used to re-seal this bolt?  There are a number of “liquid rubber” products on the market.

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