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hanspeter baettig

Yes this is HP from Tamango 2
I got the chance to order the last piece of Steering material, racks and pinion from SAV. I told that to Bill and SAV will look for new mybe new sources. But; my steereing last for about 50000 nm and 29 years. I did not so much sailing because I was in the med for 20 Years.
the installation took me about 2 hours at Trinidad, with the help of Marc; Dynamic Mec. Chagarumas, Port of Spain
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Am Mittwoch, 13. Nov, 2019 um 20:22, CW Bill Rouse schrieb:


I believe that the US distributor probably misstated what Ultraflex is doing, but since I am not speaking directly to Ultraflex, I cannot know for sure. Since Thierry BILLARD, manager of SAV at Amel is in discussions with Ultraflex, I feel it is improper for me to get directly involved. The answer to your question will come from an owner ordering the racks from Amel. I am sure we will know more soon.

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On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 1:13 PM Mark McGovern <mfmcgovern@...> wrote:

Just to clarify, Ultraflex is committing to make one last batch of cables ONLY?  What about the rack and pinion gears?  From reading posts on steering failures on this forum it seems that the racks are prone to failure - even if their failure is preceded, and potentially caused by, cable failures. 

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