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Congratulations on your new baby, Volker.  She will bring you much joy and adventure in a safe and comfortable way.

Please post any questions here.  It is helpful to everyone as many Amel models have similar systems.  It will be helpful if you post different topics in different emails under different descriptive headings.  That way a search will likely easily find that thread in the future.

There are no dumb questions.  We’ve all been new to our boats and gotten great help from others here.  We are happy to help how ever we can.

Fair winds to you and all Amelians.

Kent & Iris
SM 243

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You should post your comments and questions to

You should sign with your name and Santorin hull number. 


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On Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 6:57 AM Volker Hasenauer <volker.hasenauer@...> wrote:
Hi Bill,

about a week ago I joint your group and from today onwards I can be named a proud Amel owner. Contract signed, money all should be fine.

I bought a Amel Santorin, Sloop from 1990. She is currently in Miri, Sarawak - Malaysia. I live in Langkawi/Malaysia which is about +/- 1,200 NM away from Miri. I will pick up my new "baby" in January and give her a good overhaul before she should bring me to nice places in this world.

I saw so far many email within the group, however I am honest that I have not 100% understood if I can filter them and if I can post a question by myself.

I have certain questions, however to not want to load the entire group with all my issues.

Is there a way I can contact only a certain group of Amel owners - Santorin owners - or would my email posted to all within the group?

Greetings from Langkawi, Volker

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