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Hi Aldo,
I have hove-to several times, usually waiting for light to sail into an unfamiliar port.  Typically, I use whatever sails I have up for the current conditions.  The worst conditions were hove -to for 48 hours waiting for a storm to pass in 35-40 kt winds with gusts to 50, and 8-12 ft seas.  I had a handkerchief of jib and 1/3 of the mizzen out.  With the mizzen traveler amidships, we sailed slowly forward and out of the windward “slick”.  I brought the traveler upwind and we drifted slowly directly downwind, staying in the upwind “slick” which kept all but one small wave from breaking on the side of the boat in 48 hours.  The motion was comfortable and we were able to cook a hot meal.

I also own a drogue, but haven’t had need to deploy it.  We are still working on getting the bridle and other issues worked out that we’re brought up by Eric.

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Hi Amelians

I ignore if the subject matter has been discussed before, but I would love to hear from the many of you that have heaved to your Amels.  Some of the questions that come to mind ( am sure there is many more I have not thought of) are when do you do it, in what kind of sea state? what wind ranges?  What sales do you deploy, how much sail out. Do the mizzen play any role ?  At what point it becomes ineffective and you need to run with the storm?  When heaving to, do you still get some waves rolling into the cockpit?  Also I would really appreciate to hear from some of the Amel 55s our there that have experience on the subject. 

On the Jordan series drogue use, I have some of Eric’s discussion on his epic experience, but I wonder whether  anybody else has use them.  I would appreciate hearing from those boats as well.

Many thanks, you all

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