Re: Windshield and Port Window Update


You will see part of the original white (about 1.25 inch  or 32mm wide) painted perimeter on the old plexiglass. This is important to paint on the new plexiglass if you want a neat and good looking installation.

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On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 2:31 PM mr_hermanns <jeremy@...> wrote:
Hi All!

I just took part 1 of all her glass to get copied on a CNC at a local industrial plastic supply shop. Also dismantled one portlight apart and getting new lenses (polycarbonate) made and set of spares (3 new, 3 spares). Then attacking the hatches and salon windows tomorrow...

If anyone needs a new windshield / port or hatch glass and wants me to get additional pieces cut lmk - getting it done in Gardena, CA for wholesale prices.

Here is the windshield removed and galley porthole.


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