Re: Important Update Re: No steering parts, rack & pinion, cables, from Amel

James Cromie

No worries!  No anxiety here!  You are consistently a source of abundant knowledge and you  help to stimulate very useful questions and discussion.  There's no problem with that.  


On Nov 15, 2019 12:35, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:
To review what I previously wrote: I received an email from Uflex USA, the Ultraflex distributor in the US. Email message to me from Uflex USAUltraflex, Italy is in contact with Chantier Amel in France, apparently they will be able to supply them a last batch of cables. When one SM owner noticed that the email from Uflex stated only "cables" and not racks, 3 days ago I wrote: "I believe that the US distributor probably misstated what Ultraflex is doing, but since I am not speaking directly to Ultraflex, Italy, I cannot know for sure. Since apparently Thierry BILLARD, manager of SAV at Amel, is in discussions with Ultraflex, I feel it is improper for me to get directly involved. The answer to your question will come from an owner ordering the racks from Amel. I am sure we will know more soon."

Yesterday Thierry Billard SAV Manager emailed me and said: "We suddenly face with numerous emails and phone calls asking for info or order on pinion and rack of the steering system. We suspect you to have posted an anxiolitic message on the social network about a risk of shortage.  Does it  right ? For your review we are about to receive mid of Décember the first units  of the internal toothed bar that must solve almost all this wear issues .The only obligation will be to dismount the pinion rack case to replace this worn toothed bar. Although your help is greatly appreciatly among the Amel community we request you from now to submit us for pre approval any new further message of this sort or to consult us if more info is needed."

Of course it is not my intention to cause "panic" as Maud wrote. My only intention is to help any of you find the information that you need. But, in my attempt to help several of you, I have irritated two good people at Amel. Possibly they think that I am causing "panic" because they are on the receiving side of the solution to this steering parts issue. I will assure you that all I did is what I challenge myself every day to do...that is is help each of you enjoy your Amel while you own her. I have the utmost respect for Thierry and Maud who always do an amazing job helping owners of Amels.

I CC'd Thierry Billard of this email. He will be able to read this so that there is no misunderstanding. 
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