Re: Lashing the helm on a Super Maramu


Hi Mike and Hannah,
Don't know if this is helpful, but the photos in this link show what Amel provided on some SMs (it is on the original invoice for our SM 429). I am away from our boat re: dimensions, etc.--maybe someone else has one.   Don't know if Maud has these but would be an easy bolt on,  Amel reversed the leather on the device for gripping and it is very tight and tenacious and may prevent the travel that could add to teeth wear.  You can see the design and construction is classic "Amelian" Click on image for larger view

BTW we were at a fuel dock in Italy, stern to stern with a good sized power boat.  Guy departed, evidently at near full throttle and violently slammed our (hearty) rudder to the stop--add that to the never ending procedure list we boaters have!

Cheers, Bob and Suzanne KAIMI

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